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Couvreur E. Leclair et Fils

Roofing and roof repair services for over 25 years


White roof is an economical and ecological solution for a more durable result.

Benefit from the advantages of white roofs thanks to the use of materials that reflect the sun's rays.

We handle the installation of your white roof according to your requirements.

White Roofing

Handling your project from concept to completion

We can handle your white roof installation project every step of the way throughout Saint-Laurent, Mont-Royal and surrounding regions.

We use the best installation techniques and quality coatings to guarantee a waterproof, durable and resistant roof. We always work as per your requirements and roof building standards for your complete satisfaction.

We provide installations that meet roof building standards.


White Roofing

White roof: for a modern and ecological house

We highly recommend white roof for its contemporary and ecological aspects. This material reflects sunlight, reducing membrane overheating. To prevent urban heat islands, many boroughs in Montreal require all flat roofs to be white.

The white elastomer membrane is perfect for preventing urban heat islands. Contact our roofers for professional and expert white roof installation!

We perform quality and professional roofing installation


White Roofing

Benefits of white roof:

Optimum comfort
Energy saving

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