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Couvreur E. Leclair et Fils

Roofing and roof repair services for over 25 years


Would you like to have steel or copper cladding installed on your roof? Rely on our skills and experience for the perfect finishes. We can cover your roof with steel sheet or copper foil.

Furthermore, we can advise you on the type of pre-painted steel as the chosen colour directly impacts the reflection or absorption rate of solar radiation.

Proven Experience

We provide our expertise and knowledge for the successful installation of your metal roof. Our team of experienced roofers can cover your roof with steel or copper sheets.

We also help you choose the type and colour of cladding that matches the style of your building. Our team lays emphasis on aesthetic and quality of finish for your complete satisfaction. Call us to handle your residential and commercial roofing projects in Montreal and the surrounding regions(Saint-Laurent and Mont-Royal).

We make your metal roof project a success


Metal Roofs

New installation or renovation work

Whether it is a new installation or existing roof repair, we provide expert and quality work.

We offer elegant and durable solutions, adapted to your needs and budget. In addition to metal roofing, we also have years of experience in the installation of elastomer membranes. Request a free quote now!

We offer solutions tailored to your needs and budget.


Metal Roofs

What sets us apart?

Quality work
Detailed quote

Trust experienced roofers to do your roofing work!

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