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Couvreur E. Leclair et Fils

Roofing and roof repair services for over 25 years


We provide quality roofing work on residential buildings.

Call for expert installation of your asphalt shingles roof!

We provide solar-resistant materials.

Asphalt Shingle

Extend the life of your roof by calling us for asphalt membrane application!

Expert asphalt shingle installation

We are the specialists in asphalt shingle installation since 1980. Trust us with your residential or commercial roofing project with complete peace of mind. Concerned about the aesthetics of our creations, we use an innovative and efficient installation techniques.

Additionally, we use the best coatings on the market and exercise care and professionalism during the whole project. Trusting us guarantee a waterproof and resistant roof.

Your roof will be waterproof, strong and elegant


Asphalt Shingle

Why choose asphalt shingle roofs?

Make the most of all the advantages of an asphalt shingle roof by calling us for the installation. This type of roof covering has become very popular with architects because of its ease of installation and the comfort it offers.

Hire our team for the installation of your roof with increased durability. Our 38 years of experience is the guarantee of excellent work carried out within the allotted deadlines. Please note that the installation of white roofs is also part of our services.

Asphalt shingles are strong, durable and easy to install.


Bardeau d’asphalte Montréal

Why choose us?

Excellent service at very competitive rates
A perfectly waterproof and aesthetic roof
Optimum comfort

Trust us with your roofing project for complete satisfaction!

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