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Couvreur E. Leclair et Fils

Roofing and roof repair services for over 25 years

Asphalt and gravel

There are several ways to cover a roof. We can repair your existing roof by applying various layers of asphalt and gravel.

Since the ban on tar on rehabilitation sites, our teams only use liquid asphalt mixed with gravel to guarantee work that complies with construction standards in force.

Enjoy the benefits of gravel on your roof

Benefit from better insulation thanks to the gravel which prevents the softening and degradation of the asphalt due to solar rays. We can install gravel on terraces and ventilation systems for the same purpose.

In addition to the multilayer application of protective coatings, we can also apply an elastomer membrane to your roofs to reinforce their resistance.

Asphalte et gravier Montréal
Asphalte et gravier Montréal

A multi-layer roof for your building

Call us to carefully lay your asphalt and gravel multilayer roof! This type of cladding is specially designed for flat roofs. Its main advantage is its resistance to solar radiation, offering perfect sealing and increased durability.

We can also repair existing roofs, making sure it roof properly fulfills its protective and insulating functions.

We guarantee the waterproofing and durability of your roof


Asphalt and gravel roofs

Our Strengths

We have a fully trained and experienced team with all the necessary equipment and knowledge to ensure professional work that meets standards.

Thanks to our 38 years of experience, we can handle all metal roofing work. Trust us with your project for a result that matches your expectations and budget.

A job that exceeds your expectations


Asphalt and gravel roofs

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