How to give your roof better resistance to weather and time? Hire the services of COUVREUR E. LECLAIR ET FILS.

We are from Lasalle in Montreal and our company was established in 1988. We put our experience and expertise at your service to ensure maximum comfort. COUVREUR E. LECLAIR ET FILS offers a service of exceptional quality for your roofing and roof repair needs.

The services offered by COUVREUR E. LECLAIR ET FILS

We have been a roofing and roof repair company for over 27 years. COUVREUR E. LECLAIR ET FILS works quickly and efficiently on residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

COUVREUR E. LECLAIR ET FILS ensures high quality works for the following services and installations:

  • Multilayered asphalt and gravel
  • Elastomeric membrane
  • White roofing
  • Asphalt shingles
  • Metal roofing
  • Slate roofing

We work quickly and efficiently and meet all your expectations.

We are the professionals for the installation of your roof and we ensure foolproof protection and impeccable comfort, according to your tastes, desires and requirements. COUVREUR E. LECLAIR ET FILS is the company that understands and cares about your welfare.

« A long-lasting roof for the next 75-150 years »

Toiture de métal

The roofer who understands you in Lasalle

You get an outstanding roofing service with COUVREUR E. LECLAIR ET FILS. If we are a leader in Lasalle, it’s because we put all our skills and know-how and what we have the best to offer for your comfort and well-being.

It is a skilled and experienced workforce that COUVREUR E. LECLAIR ET FILS provides. We meet your requirements, according to the aesthetic, legal, and security standards. The quality of our work is outstanding and our finishes are immaculate.

Benefit from the best ecological and economical advice and solutions for all your roof projects. Be it for a refurbishment, a coating installation or a repair to be carried out, or even improving your roof insulation, hire the services of COUVREUR E. LECLAIR ET FILS. We also offer an estimate within 48 hours. Make the most of it!

« Best comfort in any season »

Enjoy all our advantages:

  • Quick and quality work
  • Extended roof life
  • Cold-resistant roof and waterproof in rainy weather
  • Roof resistant to sunlight and heat
  • White roof installation according to your instructions
  • Better waterproofing of flat roofs
  • Skilled Labor
  • Available financing, interest rate 1%
  • Best materials
  • Immaculate finishes
  • Estimate within 48 hours
  • Skilled in roofing
  • Extensive experience
  • Economical and ecological solutions
  • Comfort in all season
  • Aesthetics assured
  • Compliance with applicable standards
  • Job completed within agreed time frame